Drip Edge, L-Flashing and Other Trim

Metal panels are just the first component of a metal roofing system. Your roofing project will typically require several types of trim, ranging in size, function and style. Metal trim, also known as flashing, brings the metal panels together and is required by code in most cases. Non-metal roofs also use metal trim.

Common metal trim pieces include drip edge, L-Flashing, and W-valley, to name a few. Sabre Metals mass produces FHA-Style drip edge and 4 x 5 L-Flashing in standard stock colors for quick shipment. We also fabricate custom pieces. All we need is a sample or a drawing. We can program and produce the part on our CNC folder and get it done in just a few days. We use computerized machines to manufacture our trim and have the ability to produce almost any custom shape you might require.