Product Warranties

Sabre Metals’ manufacturer of choice for its coatings is Sherwin-Williams (formerly Valspar), a name known and trusted throughout the industry. With its backing, we are able to offer industry-leading PVDF (Kynar®) and SMP pass-through coating warranties direct to our customers and end-users. Written warranties are available on a per-project basis, and our sample warranties are available for download.

  • 20 years limited warranty: AZ55 acrylic-coated Galvalume®
  • 35 years limited warranty: All Galvalume® steel and aluminum coated with Sherwin-Williams Kynar 500®
  • 40 years limited warranty: All Galvalume® steel coated with Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL® SMP.

A note on oil canning: Oil canning is an aesthetic issue common with light gauge products over which Sabre Metals has not control. It can, however, be minimized or eliminated with proper roll-forming, handling and installation. As such, coil canning is not grounds for metal rejection and claims.