Sabre Metals is a leading distributor of a variety of specifications of metal roofing coils and sheets, sold under the Solaclad© brand name. Our metal is primarily used in the architectural metal roofing market, as well as guttering and signage. Almost all our metal is sourced and coated domestically to maintain the highest standards of quality, service and inventory flexibility. Our steel is produced from full prime Galvalume® and acrylic-coated Galvalume® – ASTM A792-96, and our 3000 series aluminum is per ASTM B209 and available as mill finish or coated to our specifications.


Wholesalers, roofing contractors and builders can depend on us to get job done. We know ease and time efficiency of installation is critically important, that is why we supply everything needed for install, including all the metal panels, trim, fasteners, hardware and accessories in our convenient, turn-key packaging system with everything included.


As metal roof experts, we pride ourselves on unmatched, personalized customer service, accuracy, and availability. Our facility, located in Longwood, Florida boasts over 25,000 square feet of fabrication floor and houses a vast inventory, ensuring a fast turnaround, even on custom orders.



There are several compelling reasons we are the supplier of choice for the best metal fabricators and distributors in the Southeast.

  • Quality
    The last thing any manufacturer needs when running an order is to find out that the metal is fracturing or paint is peeling off. This sets the job back days or weeks while claims are opened and replacement metal is sought. We go to great lengths to ensure that the quality of our products is not just consistent, but consistently the best. All our metal is prime and sourced domestically with mill certifications, then coated with the best paint systems at the best coating facilities. Every coil goes through an extensive QC process from the time it is coated, delivered to us, processed, and shipped out. Even our packaging has been designed to minimize freight and handling damage. Every coil is recorded in our custom database and tracked indefinitely for chain-of-custody and warranty purposes.

  • Service
    What do you do when a hot-rush job comes your way but you have no metal, you have a job that is several weeks out, or you need an extra 100 feet because you ran short on a job? You call us. We pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to our customers’ needs. Not only can we deliver with extremely short notice, we can schedule delivery to the day you need it, or get you that 100 feet. With our own trucks and dedicated staff, we can get you what you want, when you want it.

  • Selection
    We carry a huge selection of metal in our Florida warehouse, and many times that at the coating lines for quick shipment. Not just the fast-moving colors, but some of the harder-to-find items as well. The table below identifies what coating choices and substrates are currently available.

  • Support
    The metal roofing market has become the Wild West of sorts over the last few years. It has become a common theme in the industry for metal suppliers to sell coil and sheet not just to fabricators and distributors, but also to roofers and end-use customers as well. In effect, fabricators and distributors have found themselves competing with their suppliers for the same business. Not so with Sabre Metals. Our metal roofing program is tailored to serve the needs of metal fabricators and distributors only, as they are in a better position to provide the service unique to each roofer. We work to support the growth of our customers, not compete with them.